Leadership Team

Marjorie Abalos, CEO & Founder

Marjorie Abalos, CLODS CEO and Founder

Marjorie is a social entrepreneur who believes that everyone should have access to digital technologies, making it her “mission in life,” to deliver it to underserved communities throughout the world. She has created a solution that can improve the delivery of healthcare services more efficiently and cost-effectively to millions of people in underserved communities. Marjorie has held senior management positions and played key roles at software and renewable energy firms both for Global 500 companies and startups, and has a life-long history of being engaged in public service and social justice projects.     

Jon Jon San Juan, Chief Information Officer


Jon Jon is a seasoned IT executive with 20 years of international IT business development, systems integration and development in the United States, Asia, South America, and Africa where he currently resides. Jon Jon has worked on a variety of storage, file transfer, NAS/SAN and archiving projects for HBO, Netflix, NBC Universal, Pop.com, DreamWorks, Technicolor, Hollywood.com and Sony Pictures. He has represented numerous hardware and software companies in their global marketing and implementation efforts. He has dedicated his time and talents for the benefit of social service organizations and is active in Africa in various community development projects. 

Manoj Verma, Chief Technology Officer


Manoj is a healthcare IT executive with 20 years of experience.  The CLODS System™ software he helped build is comprehensive, robust, implementation-friendly and easy-to-use. Manoj has worked in software development and maintenance for the Fortune 500 global science company 3M. His competencies include clinical data modeling; design and development of HIPAA transaction sets and security protocols; incorporating algorithms/methods to ensure timely and optimal reimbursement for agencies; maintaining  existing applications to provide integration and data consistency between government mandated forms and  standards of medical records; and ensuring that software designs integrate with all system modules.

John Thomas, PhD, Director and Strategic Planning and Business Development Advisor


Dr. Thomas brings innovative leadership, and business strategy and development expertise to CLODS. He co-founded Genelux, a 15-year old clinical stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncolytic virotherapy, which he successfully grew and remains a director. He has spent his career as Dean of the Zapara School of Business and Bashir Hasso Professor of Entrepreneurship at La Sierra University where he spearheads fundraising efforts. He continues to champion global service and social entrepreneurship amongst his students and has led them to numerous Enactus championships.

Jesse Munoz, Director and Financial Resources, Insurance, and Facility Strategies Advisor


Jesse has spent his career establishing, maintaining, and maximizing key strategic partnerships with business leaders to drive revenue gains and achieve maximum potential for any given project. He has served as Senior Treasury Analyst for Marsh & McLennan Companies, a global New York Stock Exchange insurance company, and as a Treasury Analyst with Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of Barclays Bank.

Bernard Akaba, Development & Project Director for Africa



Bernard has a distinguished 35-year career in project development and management, architectural consultancy, and strategic planning having provided decades of professional services to the Republic of Ghana and the private sector in West Africa. Bernard held government positions including Director of Works and Physical Development where he supervised the planning, contracts, and construction management for university campuses and had the responsibility for the procurement of consultancy services, the management and control of land use, and the maintenance of records for all land transactions.