The CLODS System™ is a sustainable, implementation-friendly, cost-effective and workable model.

Our difference

The CLODS System™ is a comprehensive multi-component solution providing access for healthcare providers to its regional health information exchange platform that has an integrated suite of network-enabled e-health services.

Multi-Component CLODS System™


EHR Software

The CLODS System™ software is a sustainable and scalable EHR, hospital management, and billing system that materially improves the delivery of healthcare services, reduces operating costs, and improves the revenue cycle for healthcare facilities.


Hardware and Connectivity

The CLODS System™ hardware and network components streamline healthcare IT systems to achieve a complete automation of a healthcare facility's workflow.



Training is critical in the successful adoption of the CLODS System™. Training will be ongoing and provided as needed for every implementation. Additionally, a health informatics curriculum will be deployed at local educational institutions, "in country," to meet the training needs for rapidly expanding the base of personnel that will be required for system deployments, operations, training and maintenance.